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Religion is paramount for so many people, it gives them strength, hope, a sense in life, a community with like minded people, people that share the same moral values, and provides them with a safe haven in a restless world. A sense of belonging, and knowing that the people from your  church / mosque / synagogue / temple have your back and they yours.

Moral judgment based upon religion is also w/o appeal, you cannot question the correctness of a divinity, that would be blasphemous, in some religions they might kick you simply out of the community, in others you’d be shunned or ignored during service. Some religions might even go as far as giving you capital punishment but there are also religions that see you as lost sheep that needs to be taken back into the flock under the loving care of the shepherd.

What I found common amongst religions is the role of the family and the family members. There’s a family, consisting of a father and a mother, and ideally a number of kids. The father’s role is to protect physically the family and provide shelter, food and income. The mother’s role is to care for the household, the husband and the kids. Needless to say that in 2022 with changing idea’s about society and the role of all, or simple the wish to not partake in this ‘ideal scenario’ results in friction with the more dogmatic religious people… Like ‘this is not how god meant it’…